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Social Security Disability Claims

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you have been injured or have contracted a disease that prevents you from earning a living in your normal line of work, you may be eligible to receive partial or full benefits for Social Security disability. James G. Gordon & Associates provides complete SSDI claims services and handles every component of the process.

We know how frustrating the Social Security disability claims process can be. In fact, the majority of our clients come to us after having their initial claim denied. The truth is that the large majority of claims must go through the appeal process after an initial denial. Often, claims are denied simply because of an inaccurate date of medical service or other minor point of information. Attorney James Gordon relies on independent experts from the medical and insurance industries to make sure that we do everything possible to move your claim through the system quickly and effectively.

"I promise that I will personally handle your claim." — James G. Gordon

There is no charge for our consultations about your SSDI claim. In fact, we often have to meet with clients several times before the decision is made to move ahead with filing. We handle every Social Security disability claim on contingency. Our fee will be based on a percentage of the benefits you receive:

  • Initial SSDI claims
  • Denied claims
  • Claim hearings
  • Workers' compensation claims Supplemental Security Income, SSI claims

You may be surprised at the number and types of disabilities that will qualify you for full or partial Social Security disability benefits. If you are unable to earn a living in your chosen line of work because of an injury or illness, contact us. We will assess your circumstances and give you an honest appraisal of your case.

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