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Brain Injury

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Brain Injury Lawsuit Attorney

A traumatic brain injury doesn't only impact the victim. Spouses, children and entire families are affected, as they deal with the severe personality changes, physical disability and cognitive disorders that result from the injury. Often, a brain injury that starts out as only a mild concussion can result in a lifetime of medical care, rehabilitation and inability to earn a steady income.

We have been providing effective trial representation for victims and their families throughout western Pennsylvania and West Virginia for nearly 30 years.

If you or a member of your family has suffered a traumatic brain injury or closed head injury, James G. Gordon & Associates is ready to help you fight for the lifetime of compensation your family may be entitled to.

Trial lawyer James Gordon uses nearly 30 years of trial experience, as well as a network of independent professionals, to determine the full extent of the brain injury, as well as the financial and social impact on the victim's family. A successful brain injury claim requires extensive investigation into the victim's full capacities before the injury. We know where to look and how to present the evidence clearly to seek maximum compensation for life care, not just a temporary settlement.

You can rely on our experience and resources to help you recover compensation for brain injuries resulting from:

Social Security disability benefits

Many symptoms of brain injuries will qualify the victim for full or partial Social Security disability benefits and workers' compensation benefits. We provide a full range of SSDI and workers' comp services.

For more information, visit our catastrophic injury practice page.

Contact our offices to schedule a consultation with Jim Gordon. We will provide a thorough evaluation of your legal prospects what your best options may be. If you retain us to represent you, Mr. Gordon will work directly and closely with you throughout your case, fighting for the best possible resolution.

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