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Birth Injuries

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Birth Injury Lawsuit Attorney

A successful birth injury or wrongful death lawsuit nearly always comes down to issues involving timing. Did the mother's OB/GYN properly diagnose a possible medical problem in time? Did the nurses and doctors in the delivery room respond to emergency conditions in time? Did your infant receive appropriate medical care and treatment in a timely manner? Most importantly, did a slow response to an emergency condition result in additional medical problems that could have been avoided?

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For nearly 30 years, the law firm of James G. Gordon & Associates has been helping families recover money damages for serious birth injuries resulting from medical negligence. We work with a network of independent specialists to prove the link between the medical errors and slow responses and the actual injury and financial loss. Without proving that the negligence was the direct cause of the birth injury to mother or baby, there can be no successful recovery of money damages.

We have a history of obtaining just compensation for victims of medical negligence resulting in birth injuries and death, such as:

Learn more at our birth injuries and catastrophic injury practice pages.

Contact us for a free consultation with civil litigation attorney James Gordon about your birth injury claim. We will provide a clear explanation of medical malpractice laws and help you decide whether you have a legitimate case for damages. You will work directly with Jim Gordon throughout your case.

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